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“From sound design to programming, working daily with Demute is a pleasure. Delegating audio integration (Unity/UE) to their team is a real time saver. And as an added bonus, they're a funny bunch!”

Andrea di Stefano

Game Director, Appeal Studios
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"Demute has delivered excellent audio for our games! They are a joy to work with, are great with feedback and quick with deliveries. We appreciate having them as an extension to our internal audio team here at Hi-Rez."

Andrea Chang

Executive Producer, Hi-Rez Studio
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“Demute handles everything like an internal audio team but with a lot of added flexibility. They focus on creative excellence and it’s great to give them feedback.”

Pascal Barret

Art Director, Playwing

Let's set the sound quality of your video games to 11.

Engaging sound requires a global approach, from the very start all the way to in-engine programming.

By integrating your team's tools, chats and workflows consider us as members of your team! Do you use Slack, Discord, Monday, Jira, Perforce, Git or any other tools? We do too !

We are the highly-skilled sound team you need: technical, creative, flexible, organized, fully equipped, with a proven track record.

Sound Assets

We create a unique sound identity that will reinforce the lore of your game. Thanks to Foley, Sound Design, Voice Recording and Interactive music composition, we give life to the game universe and offer emotional feedback to the player. Curious how we can adapt to you?


We implement the sound assets in audio middlewares, by balancing the sound assets to match the graphical world. We work with Wwise, FMOD, and we have our tools for audio implementation in Unity and Unreal. You will be able iterate on sound assets by hearing them in context, you just need to play your game!


Game developers are busy and audio programming is low priority. That's a fact for most games. We offer different integrations methods, from dedicated tools to engine audio coding. C#, C++, Blueprints, Python, Pure Data, etc.
We are your Audio Programmer on-demand.


Our Clients :

Recent Clients :

Some of our projects :


AAA TPS Battle

Sound Design / Wwise

Outcast 2

AA Open-World

Sound Design / Wwise / Unreal

Rogue Company


Sound Design

Century : Age of Ashes

AA Dogfight

Sound Design / Wwise / Unreal

Warhammer 40K

Indie 2D Shooter

Sound Design / FMOD



Sound Design

Gangs of Sherwood

AA Co-op Action Adventure

Voice / Music / Sound / Unreal

Them Fighting Herds

Indie Fighting Game

Sound Design

Please Touch...

Indie Puzzle

Sound Design / Unity


Indie Action Adventure

Sound Design / Wwise / Unity

Star Shaman

VR Indie Roguelike

Sound Design / Wwise / Unity



Sound Design

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