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“From sound design to programming, working daily with Demute is a pleasure. Delegating audio integration (Unreal) to their team is a real time saver. And as an added bonus, they're a funny bunch!”

Andrea di Stefano

Game Director, Appeal Studios
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"Demute has delivered excellent audio for our games! They are a joy to work with, are great with feedback and quick with deliveries. We appreciate having them as an extension to our internal audio team here at Hi-Rez."

Andrea Chang

Executive Producer, Hi-Rez Studio
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“Demute handles everything like an internal audio team but with a lot of added flexibility. They focus on creative excellence and it’s great to give them feedback.”

Pascal Barret

Art Director, Playwing

Our Clients :

We work with teams all over the world.

Our experience extends across international borders, collaborating with game studios from all over the world.
If your location hasn't found a spot on our world map yet, let's work together to make that happen!


Our philosophy

We believe a holistic approach is the key to compelling sound design, ranging from the initial stages to in-engine programming. Think of us as an extension of your team, seamlessly integrating with your tools, chats, and workflows. Whether it's Slack, Discord, Monday, Jira, Perforce, Git, or any other tool you use, we're on the same page. Our sound team brings a blend of technical expertise, creativity, flexibility, and organization, backed by a proven track record – the ideal collaboration for your game !

Sound Assets

The foundation of our proficiency lies in our team's focus on meticulous sound design. Understanding the brief, co-developing an artistic vision, integrating feedback form the core elements of our audio production and ensure that each sound answers the need of your game - from subtle ambient nuances to impactful special effects !


We work with audio middlewares such as Wwise, FMOD, and custom tools for audio implementation in Unity and Unreal. Our process favors iterations of sound assets, for you to seamlessly experience the audio integration by simply playing your game and hearing sound in context.


Recognizing that game developers often prioritize tasks other than audio programming, we provide diverse integration solutions, ranging from dedicated tools to engine audio coding. Whether it's C#, C++, Blueprints, Python, Pure Data, or more, consider us your on-demand Audio Programmer, ensuring seamless integration without compromising your busy schedule.


Experience personalized musical solutions with our on-demand casting service. Tailor your game's soundtrack by requesting compositions from our diverse pool of skilled composers, ensuring a seamless match for your project's unique needs


Enhance the uniqueness of your game narrative with our voice casting and recording departement. Whether you need voices in real-world languages or ones crafted for your universe, our versatile pool of voice talents will make sure your dialogue aligns with your creative vision.


We believe that any process requiring more than 5 clicks deserves automation. In our quest for efficiency in game audio, we've created tools that automate repetitive tasks—simplifying our own workflow and now sharing that simplicity with you. With fewer clicks, we all get more time to focus on the creative heart of game audio. You can find some of our tools here


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